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Who We Are

Owner and Principal Monitor


At Elite Supervised Visitation Monitors, we pride ourselves on providing neutral, ethical, and professional services to individuals who are going through the difficult challenge of custody issues and co-parenting.

We prioritize our protocol around the safety of all children and take all precautions to make sure that their health, safety, and welfare are always put above all other issues.

We believe that an environment can be created with our supervised visitation monitors whereby children can spend quality time with their parents in a safe atmosphere, especially in situations where there is conflict in the family due to divorce or custody concerns.

~ Paul Aragon

What Sets Us Apart From Other Supervised Visitation Services

Unlike other agencies that will only partake in offsite visits at either a McDonald's or a Police Departments, Elite monitors are highly trained to facilitate court orders for allowing visitations at a variety of locations. Elite monitors are capable and have protocol set up for the safety of the children during activities such as: amusement parks, horse back riding, biking, hiking, running, swimming, movie theaters, golf outings, celebrity events, graduations, baptisms, birthdays parties, little league and field events. Elite monitors take precautions to uphold all safety concerns for the children during these events as well as protocol for concerns regarding child abduction.

Our Team

All Elite supervised visitation monitors are trained to meet the current standards required to fulfill the responsibilities of a supervised visitation monitor as  required in Assembly Bill 1674 and rules of the court 5.20. Unlike many other monitoring agencies and individuals, all Elite supervised monitors also meet the new standards imposed for supervised visitation monitors regarding training and education as implemented on Jan 1, 2013.

Aside from meeting the minimum requirements as noted in Assembly Bill 1674, All Elite monitors are required to enroll in continuing education seminars and classes specifically related to the topics such as child welfare, abuse reporting, documentation, drug abuse and detection, Child CPR, standards of practice, child development, and child/parent reunification. All Elite monitors have either completed a Bachelor's Degree at an accredited university or have taken classes towards completing this degree.

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