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The following are testimonials and recommendations regarding outstanding service provided by Elite Supervised Visitation Monitors. Feel free to contact us regarding letters of recommendations and references.


Past Clients

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As a former official reporter for the Los Angeles Superior Court, I have witnessed evaluations of numerous monitoring agencies in Southern California. I can attest that Elite Supervised Visitation Monitors is outstanding in their protocol and neutrality, and offers far superior visitation reports than many other agencies.

~ J. A., Retired Official Reporter- LASC

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Elite supervised visitation monitors is the only organization I will collaborate with for visitation referrals because they comply with  the new standards of Assembly Bill 1674 and Rules of the Court 5.20. They have shown outstanding integrity, accuracy of reporting, and safety for the children during their visits.

~ P. Block, Kidz-First

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Elite monitors made my visitation experience stress free and convenient. They took the utmost care to watch my child without interruption, note all significant events on the visitation, and provided outstanding accurate reports that I was able to submit back to our judge. Many thanks to Elite and their staff.

~ Mr. Hernandez

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Elite Supervised Visitation Monitors is a great organization to help with your child custody visitation needs. They are professional, ethical, and have a wealth of knowledge in their field.

~ R. A. Bianchi and Associates

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My child means everything to me and I was concerned about partaking in a monitored exchange. Elite monitors took the time to sit down with me on repeated occassions, interact with my young child, and make the transitions completely stress free. They truly put my child's welfare as their first and foremost priority.

~ T. Paulos

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I can't thank Elite monitors enough for completely answering all my questions and concerns for the visitation services I needed to obtain. I have used other services before Elite, and there is no comparison with the professionalism and security they provide for my child. They are truly one of the best monitoring services in Southern California.

~ L. Larson

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