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Child Visitation Monitors

Professional Supervised Visitation Monitoring Services

Supervised Visitation Monitors

At Elite Supervised Visitation Services, We Know That Integrity Is The Key To Success. Our highly trained professional monitors are fully compliant with the most recent court documented requirements as noted in Assembly Bill 1674...


Our Team

supervised visitation monitors

All Elite supervised visitation monitors are trained to meet the current standards required to fulfill the responsibilities of a supervised visitation monitor as  required in Assembly Bill 1674 and rules of the court 5.20.

Valuable Resources and Links

Custody and Divorce Resources

Following are valuable resources that might help to provide information for your special needs. Some of these resources are local while others are county and statewide.

Visitation Monitor Resources

Following is information and links to Elite recommended resources which can help individuals with divorce, family law, child monitors, and custody issues.

Areas of Training

Supervised Visitations

Monitored Exchanges

Divorce and Separation

Child Abuse Reporting

Domestic Violence

Substance Abuse

Mental Illness

Family Code 3200

Elite supervised visitation monitors did an outstanding job to make sure my son was safe at all times and supervised 100% of the time of the visit. Their reports are outstanding and their communication is courteous and empathetic  I would highly recommend their services to anyone whose children will need the best, safest, and most professional supervised monitors.

Mr. Sam Priston

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